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Available on Amazon.com and Kindle
Available on Amazon.com and Kindle

I help teams and organizations navigate complex change.

I’m an organizational effectiveness professional with extensive experience as both an internal and external change agent. Possessing a graduate degree in Organizational Communication, trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt, and certified as a Human Systems Dynamics Professional, I offer the “hard” and “soft” skills needed to create positive, sustainable change.

 Customized solutions draw from four overlapping focus areas:

  • Improving Processes
  • Developing Leaders and Teams
  • Assessing and Revising Strategy
  • Change Management and Business Transformation
Guidelines for my work:
  1. Combine models and tools to address each customer’s unique situations and needs.
  2. Recognize that if the customer does not own the solution, it is unlikely to be sustainable.
  3. Focus on asking insightful questions and providing options rather than providing a single definitive answer.
  4. Strive to build lasting relationships. Earn the right to help with emerging needs over time.
  5. Never lose sight of the fact that customers invest their trust and resources with me. Always provide my best effort.
Away from Work:

Living in southern New Jersey (in the greater Philadelphia, PA area), my interests include volunteering, freshwater fishing, and watching the Philadelphia Phillies.